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Cloud migration

Clear the cloud

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L3 Expertise as a service

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Clear the cloud

Get back the control and visibility on your infrastructure and performance by understanding what happens in the cloud.

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Real time insight

Know how your infrastructure is doing, and where the problem lies within the cloud.

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Proactive resolution

We help you take actions before a small problem becomes a major incident.

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Optimize your IT

Reduce downtime, cut down operationnal loss, improve user experience.


How it works in 5 easy steps.

  • Collect

    Get the right data, at the right place. Real time simulated user traffic distributed within your infrastructure thanks to our physical and software probes.

  • Generate value

    Turn data into actionable information and alerts. Generates alerts and dashboards thanks to data analytics and Machine Learning. Cross analysis of test scenarios to cover cloud infrastructures.

  • Analyze

    Our expertise will make sense of the alerts and identify root causes. Thanks to our expert team with knowledge of your infrastructure, we can provide proactive analysis of the alerts and get a global vision.

  • Recommend

    We solve the problem by providing proactive action plans. We can delivers KPI and make proactive recommendations toward the resolution of the problem.

  • Problem

Why C&Solve ?

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The Project

C&Solve was created when one of CNS consultants, who was in charge of proxy-cloud deployment for a large company, realized how blind the company became by migrating to the cloud.​ Troubleshooting became really painful, requiring to perform too many manual tests, aggregating the results in an excel sheet in order to make sense of the problem.​ After some time, the manual tests became shell scripts and the shell scripts became agents running on Raspberry Pis, while the excel sheet became a big data engine, and machine learning came into the game in order to automate the analysis of the scripts.​ And because most companies already have too many monitoring solutions, we decided to go one step further and provide a full service, expertise included.​

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The Experts

CNS Communications was founded in 2004. Refusing to be just-another-IT-consulting-company the founders decided to focus on becoming a company with the highest level of technical expertise.​ The first projects were complex network troubleshooting, where several other teams had failed before.​ The success of those troubleshooting did a better job than any other marketing effort: word of mouth spreaded within major companies IT departments, and the business took off.​ Today, CNS Communications works for a wide portfolio of large corporations, has 5 offices across Europe and Asia and has expanded is know-how: consulting, architecture, deployment, expertise, support and operation… as long as expertise is involved in IT infrastructure, CNS Communications delivers a solution.​

Choose C&Solve to optimize your IT performance thanks to CNS Expertise enhanced by C&Solve smart platform.

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